Popular Light Aircraft Names

There are three (3) major light aircraft manufacturers in the USA. How are their aircraft named and identified?

Let's start with Cessna. The smallest plane they produced was the 2-seat 150/152 series. Its aerobatic variant was called the Aerobat. The 4-seat series were named Skyhawk, Skylane, Cutlass, Skylark. The 6-seat were Skywagon, Stationaire, Skymaster, Centurion. The 8-seat were Crusader, Citation series and 12-14 seat were Caravan, Golden Eagle, Titan, Chancellor, Corsair, Conquest.

Beechcraft named their 4-seat airplanes Musketeer, Sundowner, Sierra, Debonair. The 6-seat Bonanza, Travelair, Baron, Duke. The 8-seat Beech 400 bizjet and the 12-seat Queenair, King Air, Starship.

Piper named most of their airplane after Indian tribes. They had the 2-seat Piper Cub, Tomahawk. The 4-seat Tripacer, Brave, Pawnee, Archer, Warrior, Arrow, Dakota, Saratoga, Lance, Duchess, Comanche, Malibu, Apache, Seminole, Seneca, Aztec. The 6-seat Cherokee and the 8-seat Navajo, Chieftain, Mojave, and the Cheyenne.

What's in a name! Just for your info guys. I hope I didn't miss a name.

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