Pilots are a rare breed of men and women. Yes women, mind you. There are a lot of lady captains now flying airliners worldwide. Out of let's say hundred thousand individuals only one or maybe two have chosen flying to be their profession, career or passion and are dedicated pilots today.

Flying must be an innate trait or attribute in one's personality. Even as a child he must show positive interest on airplanes and aviation. His toys, books, choice of movies, thoughts and aspirations are good manifestations and indicators. That's a good sign that the child can be what he wants to be someday.

You can never force a person to become a pilot just because his parents want him to be one. Flying must run in one's blood so to speak. Not just because his father is or was a pilot but because it's a calling or passion that's deep in his heart and mind. Otherwise, he may end up failing the course or may sadly end up dead meat. Flying is an art and skill that must be continually polished and honed thru rigid training by those whose heart is in flying. It is an exact science with no room for error.

There are many professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. who take up flying on their spare time. It is indeed a passion that is ready built in and instilled in one's self, consciously or subconsciously. Then it becomes a realization of one's longtime dream.

That makes aviators a rare breed of men. You must be like a bird to fly. You can never teach and make a dog fly!

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