Pilot Training

Pilot Training starts by being a licensed Student Pilot. Then he goes Solo. He can now qualify for a Private Pilot's license. Once he logs the required flying time, he can upgrade and qualify for a Commercial Pilot's license. Thereafter, his professional career starts maybe a Corporate Pilot or an Airline Pilot.

I learned that taking up flying can be rather expensive. The whole course may cost in the vicinity of Php4M nowadays. Average time frame is around two (2) years. That of course depends on the student's aptitude or flying skills. But mind you, the rewards are fantastic. How would you like to earn a ball park figure of USD8-10K/month as an airline pilot overseas? Maybe more. That's why Airline Pilots are ranked one of the Top 3 Highest Paying Jobs. Corporate Pilots average Php150-300K/month in the Philippines. Not bad, isn't it? Come to think of it, there is a shortage of pilots worldwide.

If only I had the dough, I would like to brush elbows with lady pilots flying Jumbo Jets as Captains or First Officers (Co-pilot). I wonder how I'd look like on a Pilot's uniform. Wow! Just a dream!

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