Philippine General Aviation

General Aviation or GENAV comprises of Corporate Aircraft Owners and Operators, Air Taxi or Air Charter Companies, Aircraft Maintenance Organizations, Fixed Based Operators (FBO's), Aviation Academies and Flying Schools, Aircraft Dealers and Distributors, Aircraft Spare Parts Distributors, Avionics Sales and Services, Light Aircraft Manufacturers and Assemblers, Aircraft Flight Simulator Centers, Air Courier Services, Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation companies, Aerial Surveyors and Photo Mapping Services, Air Cargo Operators, and Ground Support Equipment & Ground Handling companies.

Yes, GENAV is a large industry that provides vital services needed for the economic growth of the country. GENAV doesn't include Airline Operations which is a distinct entity by itself although it forms part of the entire aviation industry. With the fast improving Philippine economy we hope to see more proactive and progressive General Aviation Industry in the near future.

[Originally published in Bubblews September 10, 2013 by Yvonne Novela aka AdGoggleKo]

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