A question often asked by many many a lot is -- How come airline passengers aren't provided with parachutes while on flight?

It is a common notion that a parachute is thought of as a safety device. Actually, to learn how to use a parachute is a specialized skill that needs hours upon hours of actual training before one is allowed to jump out of an airplane on flight. Military Paratroopers undergo such kind of rigorous training.

Now if you were a passenger on board a crippled aircraft on an emergency situation, would you jump out the plane even if you were given a parachute? It would be your first time to see and to hold one. Would you know how to strap it on yourself and use it properly? Do you know where the ripcord is located? Maybe you don't even know what a ripcord is.

There are many many more questions an ordinary passenger cannot definitely answer. The composition of a passenger airliner may include a mix of the elderly, the aged, men, women and children of all ages. Jumping out of an airplane neither instinctive nor spontaneous even in life threatening situations. Like I said earlier, one must spend lots of time to train and qualify as a certified parachutist. No airline would ever entertain such an idea.

So my dear readers, that's the reason why parachutes are not allowed and provided to passengers on board airliners. Life Vest is a MUST in all aircraft. It is a proven safety device that will keep a passenger afloat should the aircraft crash lands over water.


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