The Versatile Chopper

Helicopters had its early beginnings right after World War II. It first proved itself as a reliable flying workhorse during the Korean War. The tiny and simple Bell 47G was used by the US Army extensively during that time. Thereafter, the Vietnam War and hence the helicopter has proven itself to be a MUST in every country's military inventory.

In civilian role, the helicopter is a popular platform for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or Air Ambulance Services as well as for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC).

In media, the helo is best for the Electronic News Gathering (ENG) application for realtime TV and Radio on the spot news reporting or coverages and long range outside broadcasting.

The helo is also used for POLICE work as an effective Search & Rescue and surveillance platform. The bigger helicopters are likewise used for FIREFIGHTING role. It can carry and dump tons of water over fire affected areas that are unreachable by the ordinary firetruck. Of course the helo is very famous for doing Search and Rescue missions almost everywhere and anywhere they are needed. Amazing helicopters indeed!

In fact, small helicopters like the MD-500 or Robinsons are also used as a Fish Finder based onboard large ocean going fishing vessels.

For me, the best helicopter application would be for Sight Seeing. I want to enjoy flying and hovering over wonderland just like a butterfly would do over a field of lovely flowers!

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