Aviation Phonetics

To avoid miscommunication between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, an aviation phonetics alphabet was adopted and accepted worldwide. If radio transmissions are NOT understandable, the pilot will be asked to use and spell out his words/message.

Here goes:

A - alpha
B - bravo
C - charlie
D - delta
E - echo
F - foxtrot
G - golf
H - hotel
I - india
J - juliet
K - kilo
L - lima
M - mike
N - november
O - oscar
P - papa
Q - quebec
R - romeo
S - sierra
T - tango
U - uniform
V - victor
W - whiskey
X - x-ray
Y - yankee
Z - zulu

If the ATC would ask me to spell out my name it would be Yankee Victor Oscar November November Echo.

How would you read Tango Hotel Alpha November Kilo Sierra?

Have a nice day!

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