Aviation Humor: A Pastor and A Pilot

 I can't forget a good joke I read when I used to work in an aviation firm years back.

A church pastor died and is waiting in line at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Ahead of him was a man wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket over a bright colored shirt and denim pants. Saint Peter called the guy and asked him to introduce himself. Aloud he said "I am Albert Smith, a retired Pilot". Saint Peter looked at his list. He smiled and said "Captain Smith, take this SILK Robe & GOLDEN Staff and enter the Kingdom of God".

Next was the Pastor. He introduced himself aloud and said "I am Reverend Philip Brown, Pastor of Saint John Parish for the last forty years". Saint Peter checked his list and said "Alright Rev. Brown, take this COTTON Robe & SILVER Staff and enter the Kingdom of God". Dumb founded the pastor told St. Peter "Just a second Your Holiness, that guy was a Pilot and he gets a SILK Robe and a GOLDEN Staff and I a COTTON Robe and a SILVER Staff? Why, I am a man of God". Saint Peter looked at him and calmly said "Yes my dear Rev. Brown, I know that. But up here, we are very results oriented. While you preached everyday, your parishioners slept and snored. While Capt. Smith flew, people prayed".

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