Aviation Humor: Flight Attendants and Pilots

Another amusing joke I do remember was that of Flight Attendants (FAs) and Pilots. I can't recall the whole lot but here are some of those:

Q: What do you call pregnant Flight Attendant?
A: Pilot Error!

Q: What is the difference of a Good FA and a Bad FA?
A: A good FA says "Morning Captain" and a bad FA says "It's morning Captain".

Q: How can you identify a Flight Crew eating in a restaurant?
A: An FA eats standing up and a Pilot leaves his tray on the floor.

Q: Why did the Pilot die shortly after retirement?
A: His wife didn't know how to feed him every two hours.

Q: What is the difference between Pilot and God?
A: God doesn't think He is a Pilot.

Q: What does a retired FA do when she is nostalgic for her job?
A: She stands in front of the bathroom sink and eats.

No offense my FA and Pilot friends, just a joke!


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