Air Traffic

Look up to the skies and one will say it's so spotless and seemingly endless. But do know that despite its vast expanse the skies are an intricate network of "highways" for aircraft operation. Outbound and inbound airplanes are given designated directional altitudes by Air Traffic Controllers (ATC's) to be strictly maintained by Pilots and only to be changed upon descend once ATC gives the go signal to do so.

That 's why many airliners are told by ATC to make several go arounds before they are cleared to land. Same goes for outbound aircraft. An airliner cannot take off unless ATC clears the runway of any inbound aircraft that is about to land. It can be a long line of aircraft waiting for their turn to take off. For inbound aircraft on the other hand, imagine several airliners holding on to their given altitude and slowly spiraling down toward the aerodrome upon ATC's command. Each aircraft is given their priorities for landing. Pilots have to toe the line. It may take an hour or so before your pilot is given the green light to land.

So, that's what air traffic is like for outbound and inbound aircraft. Unlike in road traffic it is strictly NO OVERTAKING up there! The only exception would be an emergency mayday request for landing by a crippled aircraft. No question about that!

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