Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV -- Short for UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE. Back in the mid 60's these were better known as DRONES and were widely used by the USAF for air gunnery target practice. During the early 90's this evolved into the UAV. They are pilotless aircraft flown by a sophisticated remote control system from a ground station. It is primarily used by the military of many nations for aerial reconnaissance and attack roles. It was used to spot and locate Bin Laden which led to his death. In Iraq and Afghanistan UAV's were equipped with smart bombs that can obliterate enemy strongholds. Commercially, UAV's are used for aerial photo mapping. UAV's can fly up to 120 knots and has a flight endurance of 8-12 hours non stop. I read that UAV's of the future will no longer be remotely flown and controlled. It will have a complex computer system that would act autonomously like a human brain would. What will they think of next?

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