Ultralight Aircraft

These are very light, single or two seat low powered recreational aircraft that have very simple and basic aerodynamic construction. 

Unlike Glider Flying, ultralites (ultralights) have been popular in the Philippines since 1994. There is an exclusive organization called Angeles City Flying Club located at Woodland Park, Barangay Dolores, Magalang, Pampanga via NLEX. They have 12 ultralites to choose from. If your cup of tea is sport flying without going thru the rigid and expensive process of formal student pilot training, go and try out this rare and ultimate adventure. Go and fly as a passenger first and enjoy the ride along side the flocks of white egrets & migratory birds. You will enjoy the exhilarating view of Mt. Arayat and the beautiful Pampanga landscape. 

I met these guys during one of the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta event I attended at Clark, Pampanga. Great guys! Check them out and go up up and away! Visit

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