Supersonic Transport

SST -- Stands for Supersonic Transport. There were only two types of SST's that ever saw service in the world. The SST is a supersonic airliner that can fly twice the speed of sound. That's around 1100 mph as against typical speeds of 600 mph for conventional airliners. The Russian Tupolev 144 was the first SST to take to the air in the 1970's. This was followed shortly by the Anglo-French Concorde. These SST's can fly to their destinations more than half the time of typical airliners. The Concorde can fly New York to Paris in a little more or less than 3 hours. Commercial airliners will take about 8 hours. The TU-144 and the Concorde ended service in early 2000 due to fatal crashes and noise abatement concerns by many nations. I read the Japanese are currently working on developing an SST by 2015 that can carry 300 passengers or 3 times that of the TU-144 and Concorde. Wow! Manila to Davao in 30 minutes? Amazing!

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