Single Engine vs Multi Engine Aircraft

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Most people are cautious on flying or riding single engine aircraft . For them, the more engines the safer the plane is. On the contrary, a US survey I read stated that there were more recorded Air mishaps involving twin and multi-engine planes versus singles. Quite true because cockpit management becomes more complicated in multi engine aircraft.The pilots have to monitor a wide array or clusters of dials and instruments during a critical situation. Imagine if you had four (4) engines you have to closely monitor each of them. 

On a single engine plane, the pilot stays focused only on one Instrument Panel. Decision making on an emergency situation is easier for the pilot to deal with. Moreover, Pilot's Error is most likely to occur if the multi engine pilots panic and banks/turns his plane on a dead engine ending up with fatal results.

Aha! As for me, I think I will just take the bus from Bicol to Manila!

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