Rotary Wing Aircraft

Helicopters are categorized as Rotary Wing Aircraft as opposed to Fixed Wing Aircraft. Helicopters take off vertically and there onward proceeds on its horizontal flight. While they are versatile machines, they only operate on a limited range of around plus or minus, 300 nautical miles. 

Bigger helicopters such as the Dauphin, Sea Knight, Black Hawk, Chinook, and Super Puma, however, are fitted with larger/external fuel tanks to allow them more range. Aside from their military application, these helicopters are the favorite choice for Search & Rescue, Fire Fighting and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC). 

Do you know that even before the first helicopter ever took to the air, the concept of vertical flight was one of the numerous inventions Leonardo da Vinci had in his fertile mind? He even made engineering drawings of such a machine. And mind you guys, that was many many years ago! Nothing is impossible, isn't it?

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