Philippine Aviation Trivia

Who was the very first Filipino who ever took to the skies? Back in the early 1900's an Igorot was the first Filipino to fly as a passenger of an American Pilot operating in the Mountain Province at that time.

Do you also know that we had an airport right in the middle of the Makati Business District called Nielsen Airfield? It stood nearby the Philippine Stock Exchange Building. It was a busy airport before World War II until it was destroyed by the Japanese.

Want to know more? Want to be a pilot? Flying is a skill and an art. It must run in the blood and not to prove your bravado or machisimo. Many die that way.

Do you know that back in the 1970's we held the record for the Youngest Licensed Pilot in the world? He was a certain Pelaez from Cebu and was only 7 years old when he did his first Solo Flight. Then he continued on as a Private Pilot thereafter. If that kid could do it, why not give it a shot if you really dream of flying!

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