Philippine Aviation of Yesteryears

When the Philippine aviation industry started to flourish right after World War II, people were very adverse to flying as a mode of transportation. For them, boarding an airplane is like giving them a 50/50 chance of surviving this ordeal.

Yes, people at that time even had to say their confessions (as if it was their last), or do a 9 day prayer (novena) just to ensure a safe journey. And, do you know there was a time in the 1950's where a departing passenger had a bus load of well wishers to accompany him to the Manila International Airport (MIA)? And also the more affluent ones even brought with them a 30 man brass band to send off their relative at the airport. Looked like it was the passengers' last day on earth.

Funny as though it seems, Filipinos of the 1980's onward got more educated on aviation, and taking air transportation now a days is as natural as drinking water or boarding a bus for them. Gosh! I am glad I wasn't born in that era! 

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