Of Japanese Cars and Planes

Everyone is familiar with the brand name of Mitsubishi Motors of Japan. They make fantastic cars like the Montero SUV, Lancer sedans, L300 vans, etc. But do you know Mitsubishi did manufacture the most feared fighter plane of World War II? It was called the Japanese Zero. In the mid 80's they produced fast twin engine plane called the MU-2 and MU-300. Then they helped produce the ever popular YS-11 Turboprop commuter airliner. Now, they plan to make a narrow body regional jet. They are also in bed with Boeing in making wide body aircraft components. Another famed motorcycle and car maker, Honda will start marketing their Honda Jet. It is a small sized corporate bizjet. Amazing Japs! From cars to jets!

When will the Philippine jeepney makers Sarao or TABING ever come up with one? Hahaha! Just speculating!

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