My First Airplane Ride

I do remember my first and only flight on a 4 seater Cessna light aircraft. As I strapped myself at the back seat I must say I was quite nervous. The cabin was small but comfortable though. As the plane rolled off the runway and gained speed I felt as if my back was glued to my seat. And as the plane lifted I looked out the window and saw how fast the objects on the ground grew tinier at each passing second. My heart was pumping hard with mixed excitement and fear. When we reached an altitude of about 3 thousand feet I could see the whole world below. Trees, houses and buildings were like little toys. Vehicles looked like a procession of ants as they moved along the roads. People were like dots you could barely see at all. It was so exhilarating and awesome I readily forgot my fear and enjoyed the thought of how wonderful it is to be a bird flying so care free above mother earth!

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