Most Popular Helicopters

The French helicopter maker Eurocopter (formerly Aerospatiale) seems to dominate the helicopter market worldwide. They produce the Ecureuil series helis, the EC 120, 135, Dauphin and Super Pumas. Not very far behind is the Bell Helicopter range starting with the small 2 seat Bell 47's, the Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, 407's, 230's up to the large UH-1H Hueys, 212's and 412 ST's. Then comes the Italian Agusta choppers with their best selling A 109's. They co-produced the A109's with Bell at one stage. Sikorsky and McDonnell Hughes caters more to the military market while Robinson helicopters are a big favorite choice for personal use.

In the Philippines, Eurocopter still maintains the leading edge. Visit

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