Jumbo Jets

This is a term used to connote a huge airliner capable of carrying 400 to 800 passengers at any given time. The aircraft that earned this distinction was the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet. Also dubbed the Queen of the Skies. Its latest series 747-81 can take more than 400-500 passengers and has a fantastic range of more than 11,000 miles. Its current rival is the new Airbus 380 dubbed as the Super Jumbo Jet. It is now the world's biggest airliner of the skies with a 500-800 passenger capacity. However, it only has a range of less than 10,000 miles compared to the 747-81. The Asiana Boeing 777 that crashed in San Francisco also falls under the jumbo jet category since it can carry up to 450 passengers. It is the largest twin jet wide body aircraft today. Philippine AirLines own and operates this type of aircraft. No wonder JUMBO means big. Let's then have a jumbo hotdog with all the works guys. I'm hungry!

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