Helicopter Terminology

Here are just some terminologies uncommon to most of us.

1) CYCLIC - may seem to mean something to do with a bicycle. It is one of the primary controls that gives a helicopter forward or lateral motion.
2) COLLECTIVE - may seem to refer to financial receivables. It is also a primary control unit that gives the helicopter lift.
3) HELIPAD - it doesn't look like a bachelors pad. It is a designated area where helicopters take off and land.
4) NOTAR - may seem to mean NO to cigarette smoking. It is a helicopter that operates without the usual tail rotor blades.
5) ROBINSON - it is not your favorite mall. It is a popular helicopter brand.
6) HUEY - it's not your cartoon character Baby Huey. It is a popular helicopter used by military units world wide.
7) HANGAR - it's not something you hang your clothes on. It is a large building structure that houses aircraft. Yes, many more but that's all folks!

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