World's Largest Aircraft

Goliaths of the Skies

To date, the World's No.1 title holder is still the Hughes - Spruce Goose built out of wood in 1947. It was the largest aircraft ever built in aviation history. However, it only flew once and is now a museum piece in Oregon, USA. 

But for an aircraft that is currently in service, the Russian Antonov AN-225 cargo plane is now considered the world's biggest and strongest aircraft. It can carry up to 640 tons (1,400,000 lbs.) of cargo. You can easily fit a 120 passenger Boeing 737 fuselage in its belly. 

This is followed by the Anglo-French Airbus 380-8 Super Jumbo designed to carry up to 800
passengers or 560 tons of cargo. 

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It is then followed by the US Boeing 747-8 Jumbo Jet capable of carry 600 plus passengers or 987,000 lbs. of freight. It is the longest airliner today. 

Finally, you have the US Lockheed C-5 Galaxy which can carry 285,000 lbs. of cargo. 

These are the goliaths of the skies.

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