Flying Cars

A real car that flies? This is no James Bond fiction either. 

This concept dates back to 1917. It was called the Curtiss Limousine. 

In the 1940's a few prototypes actually flew but was never mass produced. 

In the 60's the US military also tried but never succeeded. 

In the 70's US engineers mated a rear engined aircraft's wings and fuselage to a car which initially flew. But before it can be mass produced the poor thing collapsed on flight. 

After many years, 2012 saw the emergence of an ultra modern and high tech / hybrid prototype car called the TRANSITION. It can speed up the road at 110 kph and fly as fast as 185 kph. Deliveries are expected by 2016. If you can afford the latest Ferrari you can cash in on this dream car. 

If I had the money, I'd rather stick it out with the good old Philippine jeepney! You can't go wrong!

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