Flight Simulators

This is todays in-thing of many reputable Flying Schools worldwide. Years back, only the airlines or big flight training centers can afford to buy those gigantic and sophisticated simulators. Tag price in the billions is just close to buying a real Airbus or Boeing airliner. With the advent and magic of hi-tech electronics, flying schools can now buy much smaller and movable sims that are very affordable. Simulators are like flying on a real aircraft. You can opt for the static or a full motion sim. It simulates all kinds of flying conditions, runways and airports. It even has realistic sounds and movements. While the student pilot logs his sim time, he gets more and more proficient with his skills before he jumps in the real plane. He can "crash" the sim as many times as it may happen without getting hurt or destroying a valuable aircraft. It is very safe.

While I don't have that much cash, maybe I'll just go to an entertainment center in one of big malls and "fly" one of those video games.

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