Derelict Aircraft

Many a times do we see Derelict Aircraft sitting on airport ramps or hangars grounded for perhaps a decade or more and having outlived its usefulness. Or perhaps totally abandoned by its owner for lack of maintenance funds. The question would be -- Can it still fly and regain its lost glory? 

Of course it can fly again. It may be Beyond Economical Repair (BER) but a full restoration job equates to extensive funding. If you had tons of money nothing is impossible. The aircraft will have to do a complete IRAN (Inspect & Repair as Necessary). It must comply with manufacturer's specification as indicated on its maintenance manuals. All sheet metals covering the wings and fuselage may need to be replaced and its hull structure secured and jigged if necessary. Engines and Propellers need to be overhauled and Avionics instruments fully calibrated and updated. Then the interiors must be refurbished and the exterior painted. The aircraft can now undergo the Certification Process of Ownership and Airworthiness with the Civil Aviation Agency. A series of Test Flights conducted by the Civil Aviation Flight Safety Inspector will then follow. Normally, adjustments will have to be made on the aircraft's system and further test flights conducted. Once certified airworthy by the agency, the aircraft is brought back to life. 

If cost and a huge expense is not an issue, old forgotten and derelict aircraft can relive its former glory! Visit 

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