Corporate Aircraft

This is my birdseye view of the more popular corporate aircraft. Today, these aircraft are considered capital investments or tools of the trade by businessmen. Time is gold and that gold equates to speed = profit. Choosing the right plane depends on where they go. If they land on unprepared runways the Beechcraft King Air's are unbeatable. These turbo-prop planes are known for their proven ruggedness and dependability. If they fly into national airports they can opt to buy a pure jet aircraft. If you want pure speed go for a Learjet. Or for those who like more practical jets then you have the Cessna Citation or Hawker series of bizjets. Those who fly regional or international flights can choose either of the more luxurious Gulfstream, Falcon, Bombardier CRJ, Challenger, or the Boeing bizjets.

If you don't have the money like me then let's just go fly a kite and use our imagination!

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