Commercial Aircraft with the Mostest

Most fastest is of course the anglo-french Concorde (1300 mph). The slowest are the Sailplanes or gliders (30-40mph). The largest is the Russian Antonov AN225 at 275 feet 7in. in length. The smallest is the US sports plane Bumble Bee at 8 feet 10in long. Most expensive cost to produce is the Airbus 380 at USD346.3M/aircraft. Cheapest are the Ultralites at around USD3K. Most manufactured is the Boeing 737 ( with 8000+ units) and the least is the no longer produced wide body Lockheed L1011 TriStar (only 250 units). Most safest is the defunct Concorde (with only one crash in its recorded history). Most unreliable or unsafe is the Russian Ilyushin 62 (highest record of crashes). For aviation buffs, these are just a bit of what I gathered from my research. Hope you like it.

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