Best Philippine Aviation Schools

CIRCA 1960's TO 1980's -- Today, there is a proliferation of Flying Schools in the Philippines. Whether it be up north or down south. Back then, there were only three premier flying schools to choose from. These schools produced the cream of the crop pilots now flying airlines and corporate aircraft worldwide.

If you wanted to be a Fixed-wing pilot, PHILAIR was unbeatable. They had an array of single and multi engine Cessna's for training and charter.

If helicopter (Rotary Wing) training is your cup of tea then TROPICAL AIRWAYS was the best for training and charter as well. They were the local dealer of Hughes helicopters.

For a combination of both aircraft there was DELTA AIR. They had Cessna's and Bell helicopters for training and charter.

Lesser known flying schools were PATS Flying School, Mindanao Aeronautical School and Alpha Air. These flying schools are now defunct and will just live in the memories of our pilots still flying our skies!

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