Aviation Terminology

Do you know that we have Aviation Terminology similar to common terms but with entirely different meanings?

Here's a few:

1) COCKPIT is a place where the Pilot and Co-pilot controls the plane. Otherwise it's a place where cock fights are held.
2) YOKE is similar to steering wheel of a car. Otherwise it's the red of an egg.
3) RUNWAY is where aircraft take off and land. Otherwise it may also mean a ramp where fashion models walk on.
4) SOUP means flying inside turbulent zero visibility weather. It also means a hot meal.
5) STALL -- that's when an aircraft looses lift and may cause a crash. It's also a place you rent at malls to sell your merchandise.
6) ROGER means I understand or YES to a pilot. It is also a man's name.

Many others to come. Till then!

Have a nice day!

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