Aviation Talk

Here are only a few of unusual aviators talk so you may understand its real meanings. 

1) FLYING IN THE SOUP - it doesn't mean you have a dead fly in your soup. It means flying inside stormy clouds where visibility is zero and turbulence is great.
2) BLIND FLYING - it doesn't mean a blind pilot is flying the aircraft. It means flying using only your flight instruments.
3) DEAD STICK LANDING - doesn't mean the pilot uses a stick to land. It means force landing your plane when your engine conks out.
4) COOKING THE ENGINE - doesn't mean you'd cook your engine for lunch. It means your engine is overheating.
5) BELLY LANDING - doesn't mean you land the plane with your tummy. It means a force landing due to failure of your landing gears (wheels) to deploy.
6) ABORT - doesn't mean killing a baby airplane. It means an evasive action of the pilot to land the plane when he senses danger.
7) SHORT FINALS - it doesn't mean you have a short final exams soon. It means that the pilot has the runway in sight and is cleared to land.
8) PROP FEATHERING - doesn't mean the propeller is made of feathers. It means that in case of engine failure on flight the pilot will adjust the pitch of the propeller blades to eliminate drag and maintain altitude.
9) CLEAR PROP - doesn't mean you have transparent propeller. It is a warning shout given by the pilot seconds before he starts his engine.
10) PROP STRIKE - doesn't mean your propeller is on strike. It means your propeller had contact with the ground on landing resulting to damage.
11) OVER SHOOT OR UNDER SHOOT THE RUNWAY - doesn't mean you use a gun to shoot the runway upon landing. Under shoot means the plane landing even before it reaches the runway. Over shoot is landing way past the end of the runway.

Interesting language, isn't it?

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