Aviation Careers

If only I can turn back the hands of time I would like to be a successful pilot or even maybe an aircraft engineer or technician. I just found out from a recent news report that these skilled jobs are in high demand worldwide. The Philippines is now losing a lot of these skilled professionals going overseas. I know this for a fact since I worked with our local industry as an admin person for more than 10 years. Even during my stint I see how a qualified newly grad aircraft mechanic would start off as an OJT (On-the-Job-Training) and spend 3 years with us then shoot for abroad where he would earn 5x (or maybe more) his pay. Same with pilots. There is an acute shortage of commercial pilots worldwide. And airline pilots are one of the highest paid professionals in the whole world. I really wish I should have chosen either career. Yes, there are lady aircraft mechanics / avionics technicians and even airline pilots. Check that out!

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