Amphibian Passenger Aircraft

Alaska is said to have the largest fleet of amphib aircraft due to its vast topography and huge bodies of water. These amphib aircraft can operate both in land and water. I wonder why amphib operations didn't click in the Philippines, it having 7100 plus islands. Based on Philippine aviation history we did have amphib airline services even before World War II. A company in Iloilo (INAEC) started domestic flights on their fleet of Sikorsky passenger amphib aircraft. Then later on it even went regional for a short while. All of these aircraft were destroyed during the war. But since then, amphib transport never caught fire. Only a handful of small Cessna amphibs operate in the Philippines. Maybe we lack the appropriate sea aerodromes. Or maybe passengers would rather take the ship or "RORO" mode of transport. Wouldn't it be nice to fly on an amphib from Manila to say Boracay without getting your feet wet?

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