Airplanes or Helicopters?

Well, if you can afford to have both go for it. Fixed wing aircraft were designed for longer distances versus choppers. The latter is good for short hops only (around 300-400 NM max). Airplanes normally carry more passengers and cargo. However, helicopters can land and fly in confined areas like open fields, helipads or heliports atop buildings. This makes them more versatile than airplanes which need runways or air strips for take offs and landings. 

Maintenance of helicopters are more labor intensive than fixed-wing aircraft and are more complicated to fly. They are also weather sensitive. It doesn't mean however that a helicoper can't fly say, Manila to Davao (600+ NM). Of course it can. That's as long as it makes 2-3 refueling stops and good weather permitting. It will take quite a while though to reach such destination as choppers fly much slower than fixed wing airplanes. 

The bigger corporate aircraft can fly above the weather at very much faster speeds. Corporate jets can fly Manila to Singapore non stop. Some even to the USA.

The most popular helicopters are the Eurocopter series, the Bell series, Sikorsky, Bolkows, Robinson, Agusta, and McDonnel-Hughes.

For fixed-wing we have the Gulfstreams, Cessna series, Beechcraft series, Lear jets, Falcons, Hawkers, Pipers, and BN-Islanders to name some of the most popular ones in the Philippines.

Many big time and affluent entrepreneurs have a combination of both. It depends where and how it fits into their mission profiles.

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