Aircraft Utilization

Why do people buy or use airplanes?

Firstly, aviation is the fastest means of transportation. With the latest innovations in engine technology & maintenance engineering, airplanes are considered very safe to fly.

Secondly, many companies worldwide see an airplane as an effective business tool that contributes to their productivity. They can move around men and material rapidly to their areas of operation without going to the hassle of airline travel.

Thirdly, affluent people buy airplanes for luxury travel. It is a status symbol for the wealthy. They can travel anywhere they want at a flick of a finger.

And fourthly, aircraft is the best means of transporting farm to market goods and equipment. Fresh fish, meat and vegetables are flown quickly to the markets thus avoiding spoilage.

Aviation is truly a big wonder that we all should enjoy! Erase from your mind that flying is dangerous. In a worldwide survey it was said that it is more safer to fly than to be on the road. You are more accident proned while riding your vehicle or public transport.

Aviation propells our nation to progress!

Enjoy your next flight and have a nice day!

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