Aircraft Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Everyone of us had experienced undergoing an X-ray exam after a hard fall. You may have had a dislocated limb or bone fracture. The same goes for aircraft specially if it had a hard landing. This called NDT. It is also mandatory to do an NDT inspection on all Landing Gears & Struts every 5 Years. When an aircraft suffers a hard landing, extreme stress and jolts may affect the Landing Gear System. After a visual check, one may never notice hairline cracks on the landing gear or any part of it. NDT may be done either by Flourescent Penetrant Inspection, or Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current & Ultrasonic Inspections. These process will ensure an accurate and thorough inspection of your affected aircraft part. Engines that are undergoing overhaul also goes thru an NDT inspection. Engine casings, crank shafts and other metallic gears have to be checked for possible cracks not visible to the naked eye. Propellers also undergoes NDT inspection when needed. Specialized equipment and penetrants are used in this process. Only well trained technicians are qualified to do an NDT. Visit

Yes just like us humans, aircraft are likewise treated with tender loving care.

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