Aircraft Engine

TURBO-PROPS -- Traditionally light single engine aircraft are equipped with piston type engines like Lycoming or Continental. These aircraft uses AVGAS (Hi-Octane) for fuel.

How would you like to fly on a single engine aircraft powered by a diesel type engine? Quite similar to a turbine engine as it uses JET A-1 fuel (Kerosene based). Same used by airliners and corporate jets and readily available. One good brand comes to my mind -- THIELERT of Germany. This engine can be mounted on Cessna 172, 4 seater aircraft. It is COMPUTER controlled. It is so quiet and super fuel efficient. A Thielert equipped aircraft can fly you non-stop Manila to Hongkong or Singapore. Manila to Davao and back without refuelling. The French also came out with their version. I can't recall the brand. The Diamond aircraft also uses a similar diesel/turbine engine. AMAZING!

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