Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Back in the 60's to the mid 80's, light aircraft engines were overhauled by aircraft mechanics in what they termed "Under The Banana Tree". That was before strict rules were implemented by the authorities stopping such ill practice. This era was said to be the beginnings of the glorious days of Philippine Aviation where aircraft was used extensively for money making ventures. Flying Schools, Aircraft Charter Operations, and small Cargo/Passenger Airlines blossomed during this period. Due to the absence of reliable service centers, mechanics did their own repairs and overhauls. This led to a series of fatal crashes attributed to the poor quality of aircraft maintenance. The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) stepped in and instituted more stringent rules governing aircraft repairs and maintenance. At that time, the newly established government owned Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC) took over all aspects of aircraft maintenance, repairs, overhaul and even the assembly and manufacture of the BN-Islander aircraft and the MB-Bolkow BO-105 helicopters.

Foreign companies engaged in aircraft maintenance and engine overhauls of Allison, Pratt & Whitney, Lycoming, and Continental engines were allowed to share the local market. This was also the period when Philippine Aviation reached its peak. We had the largest population of the latest state of the art aircraft, helicopters and business jets and turbo-props in the whole of Asia, far exceeding China, Japan and even Australia. Visit Hawker Pacific PTY Ltd. (Australia) 

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