Airborne Sports

Years back (1970's to the mid 90's) SKY DIVING was a sport to reckon with. How I envied women skydivers at that time. I don't think I'd ever qualify for that sport. 

Jumping out of a plane at 3,000 feet? Wow! With my weight of 90+ lbs. I think instead of heading towards mother earth I'd be carried upwards. 

Then thereafter came PARAGLIDING or HANG GLIDING. You had kite like wings strapped on your back and you had to jump from a high cliff, soar like a bird and glide down to earth. Some newer Hang Gliders are motorized to give you sustained flights. Just the thought of flying like a bird and surveying tierra firma below is so thrilling and fascinating. These sports are quite expensive mind you. 

Flying like a bird is as old as mankind. Remember Daedalus and Icarus of old mythology? When I was a kid I love climbing tall trees. It never crossed my mind then of me jumping down with a huge and sturdy umbrella. Gosh! I now wonder! Visit

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