Every Hot Air Balloon event in Pampanga isn't complete without those dare devil pilots and their airplanes performing death defying aerobatic flying.

Aerobatics is the art of doing flight maneuvers not used in normal flight. These maneuvers may involve various rolls spins and low level passes that can generate tremendous g-forces on both pilot and aircraft.

Our hats off to our aerobatic mainstays at the balloon fest -- Hurray for Capts. Meynard Halili and Bill Wright!

Hey, a bit of trivia for you guys. Did you know that Capt. Alfredo Carmelo was the 1st Filipino aerobatic pilot which earned him the titles Dean of Filipino Pilots and the First Filipino Birdman? He displayed his magnificent flying skills from the 1920's up to 1962 when at age 66 he performed a 10 minute aerial exhibition at the Manila International Airport witnessed by then Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. He continued flying aerobatic stunts until 1969.

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