Philippine Aviation Humor

This really happened in the Philippines and was the butt of jokes for a long while. One morning while they were flying midway from Cebu to Manila on a Cessna twin engine plane, the pilot mustered some guts to ask his shipping magnate boss and the owner of the plane -- "Sir, I have been your pilot for the last twenty (20) years and I am requesting your kind heart for a salary increase."

The stingy boss gave the pilot a menacing stare and said -- 
"What?! How dare you ask me for a raise! Go to hell!"

The pilot then said -- "That's alright, Sir! Since my present pay is just for a single engine pilot, I might as well shutdown the other engine of our plane now." This he really did.

The boss turned pale and white as snow and said -- "Ok ok, let me think about it. I will let you know when we land."

The pilot happily touched down in Manila and smilingly looked at his boss. The boss said -- "That was a great flight and a perfect landing. Oh and by the way, from now on Captain. . . YOUUUUU ARE FIRED!"

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